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Half Moon Villa caribbean vacation in St Kitts

Directions from the Airport

As you leave the airport go to the round about and turn left towards Birdrock, this will take you to an intersection that you can only go right or left, if you go straight you will run into the Caribbean bank with all the flags around it.

Turn left, which takes you toward the peninsula and the Marriott.

The next round about (you will be turning down a little hill and the round about will be at the bottom) turn left, drive straight, you will see Halfmoon Bay Villas on your right at the top of the hill, these have green roofs, these are not us.

Keep going straight, past the new subdivision development, by now you should be able to see our house to the upper left, it is the orange house with turquoise shutters and white roof. The street will go down a hill, to the left is a yellow house, with a cement fence surrounding it near the corner, turn left at this corner,

It will be the next right, (there is a house with a black roof to the right on the corner) Our driveway is the 2nd house on the left, on the driveway wall you will see the # 51.


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