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July 2008

July 2008
Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your wonderful vacation home with us. We'v had a blast to say the least! The island was very interesting, the people, buildings, shopping, historical sites, flowers, BEACHES, food. What an adventure. The friction between children over video games and turns on the internet was overcome by the shreiks of glee over a big wave, the "falling bush" game, and the peaceful music and movies and visits on the veranda. We all enjoyed trying new food, sharing your recipes (with an island flavor) and dinners out at Mr X's, Ballahoo and Monkey Bar. The rum punch, carib, ting (and occasional Scotch and water for consistency's sake)enhanced the experience. Jesse's birthday (10) and learning to eat with chopsticks and holes on the beach. Jordan and Mia having such a great "girls" time together. Colin, Jesse, and Mia's Pirates of the Caribbean game and movies- so many great memories! But overriding all were the views, oceans, breezes, CONSTANT perfect temperature and peaceful feeling. Thanks so much to Malcolm and Sunny's friendships, companionship and allowing us this vacation with your family. We owe Malcolm many things, but especially for the rental car magic! We will always remember our St Kitts experience
Jeri, Clare, Jordan and Jesse


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